Welcome to iTV4K.com! This site will allow UHD iTV set owners to find and engage in UHD 4K iTV Set Content on the Internet using their 4K UHD iTV Sets in the privacy of their home. If you want to peruse the many advantages of a 4K iTV Set over other common consumer electronics devices, take a look at the iTV 2 U website. Use the F11 key to go full-screen with this iTV clock, created by Mind Taffy, or use the Full Screen Toggle button provided on the left. This app-site will work on PCs, Tablets, SmartPhones, Laptops, NetBooks, Game Consoles or e-Readers. After several years of 4K (or UHD) iTV Set products being available worldwide, I'll bet you are all starting to wonder "Why is all of the 4K content for these iTV Sets linear? Where is the 4K UHD interactive content?!" The iTV Set has so many advantages over the smartphone and tablet there's not really enough room on this page to mention them all, but let's start with display size, which is 60 to 120 times larger than a phone, eight-core supercomputer with i3D graphics engine, mega-fast Wi-Fi or Fiber-Optic network (no expensive 2G, 3G or 4G, which costs dozens per gigabyte, and is far less secure), no battery which can explode, 24-bit HD audio, hooked up to expansive home theater systems, and the list just goes on and on. Entertainment properties will never look as spectacular as when they are displayed on your 4K UHD iTV Set! If you want to see what I mean, look at a few of our initial 4K iTV Set websites (apps), which allow you to turn your iTV Set into something functional (such as a clock, saltwater aquarium or framed work of art), when you're not using it to view sports, movies, stream television, or play i3D games. Make sure to check out iTV Set where you can explore UHD iTV Set Content from the comfort of your home, iTV Art where you can turn your iTV into a virtual NY Met art gallery, iTV Clock where you can turn your iTV Set into an amazing interactive wall clock, iTV Sea where you can turn your iTV Set into an undersea saltwater aquarium and iTV Mag where you can read an iTV Magazine on an iTV Set. This iTV site was created by The iTV Design Agency using only 18 lines of HTML 5.1 in under 460KB of data footprint. Data footprint optimization is the key to a fast, scalable 4K iTV app user experience.